Question [Q] Rooting WITHOUT recovery/flashing?

I'm using a C6906 on Rogers in Canada, locked bootloader. Currently on the latest 4.2 variant, rooted. I personally don't care about having custom recoveries, modified kernels and all the other bells and whistles that float around these forums.

Is there a root for 4.3 for the Z1 that isn't a cluster**** of downgrading and flashing and what not?

Stock kernel, stock recovery, stock everything.. just a root method so I can use Greenify and TiBu on 4.3?

I know there's 90 other threads on root, and I'm sure someone is going to post the Dual Recovery thread - but please.. as much as most people don't read or search before posting, if you're thinking of posting that thread please re-read the above. I don't want to have custom recoveries and all that other crap.. just root, so the apps that require root work on 4.3.
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