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F2FS support

While this kernel (from a22 on) includes the f2fs driver, it does not include any of the ramdisk or init tweaks that you would need to use f2fs. This is because I am not in a position to test f2fs myself. That said, the a22 (and later) kernel installer will not disturb any changes you have already made to your ramdisk or ROM to support f2fs, so if you have already got f2fs working on your device, it should continue to work after installing this kernel. Don't forget to do a nand backup in your recovery before installing, though. Seriously.

NTFS R/W support

This kernel (from a22 on) includes RW support for NTFS. However, in KitKat, NTFS USB drives mounted with StickMount are not writable due to SELinux policy. To write to an NTFS USB drive, you need to (from a root shell) 'setenforce off', then 'setenforce on' when you're done using it. I do not recommend that you put SELinux in permissive mode permanently. It's there for a reason, and this is just a workaround for a policy error in KitKat. The SELinux SetEnforce Toggle app is a convenient way to turn it off and on for this.

Mount slave namespace workaround

Android apps that mount filesystems (e.g. CIFS, Lil'Debi's loopback fs), mount them in a private namespace that is not shared with other apps (as explained by mkasick). There is a rom-based workaround applied in CM-based roms, and probably many others, but not in stock. Instead, I am applying his kernel/ramdisk based workaround. If you are on stock and need this workaround, do not use the anykernel build; use the one with the full disk image.

Configurable baseband_xmm_power wakelock timeout

This is based on work by Sgt. Meow, with some tweaks. It is controlled by the module param /sys/modules/baseband_xmm_power/bb_timeout, which defaults to 10, and represents the time, in 10ths of a second, that the baseband_xmm_power wakelock should be acquired for before timing out. 0 will disable the wakelock completely as in earlier versions of carcosa-kernel. These semantics are not the same as those for the same parameter in Oxydo, so be aware.

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