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Hello you helpful lot here at XDA

I have just started using Zooper widget pro but i have no idea how to use apart from adding existing templates from the play store. My question is how can I create sections to split up the wallpaper i am using.

For example the attached picture has an ocean wallpaper with what looks like a black overlaying box created in Zooper at the bottom half of the screen.

I would really like it if someone could tell me how to create those said "boxes" to break up my custom homescreen

Thank you in advance and i apologise for being a Zooper Noob
Hi there and welcome to the wonderful world of Zooper

You have two possibilities to achieve this: you can either set the widget background to a color of your choosing and then resize the widget to cover the whole screen or if you want to have only parts of your widgets with a background you should add a Rect module and resize/position/configure it to your needs.

I hope this answers you question and if not, please don't hesitate to keep asking

Please use the forums for your Zooper related questions. I won't respond to PMs with questions that can/should be asked there. Thank you.