Default A new ROM. Xperia E :')

My exams are almost up so i plan on doing something never done before ( not working out :P )
A new ROM ( ICS ) based. Thought of all Sirius stuff at first, but who loves lag? So, this will be stock and Cm fusion. Removed bloatware. Will contain the following things -: non-stock.
Moto G font * zorb *
Moto g/Sirius/custom wallpapers.
Basic launcher.
Moto G ringtones.
Custom bootanim.
Apollo? + Viper? Odexed probably.
No Sony Media apps, ( questions? Regarding Sony+cm fusion ROM having no Sony media apps? They consume high ram and lag eventually ) searching for a fancy camera ( lenovo or moto x or just Google ). ROM should be light i guess. Chip in your ideas and i might as well consider them

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Something new is coming.
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