Default [Q] Odd sound problem

Long story short, I just picked up an AT&T HTC One X(Stock everything, S-on, not rooted) off ebay as a "fixer upper". The seller said the speaker and microphone wasn't working and included the parts. After changing them out, still no sound. I have also tried syncing my bluetooth headset and I don't get any sound through there, nor do headphones work, videos won't play. When I attempt to use voice search, the Google Search application crashes and doesn't give a chance to record anything.

I have tried doing a factory reset through the phone and through the bootloader, but the audio problem still exists. I think the phone had water damage, I need to clean up the board good first. Is there a chance that only the audio processor shorted out? Does anyone know where this chip is located?

Firmware version 3.18, running 4.1.1