Default LiquidSmooth 3.0 works with ZVA Radio

I came across the LiquidSmooth thread today and everybody was ranting about how fast the data speeds were. A user claimed that it was running the ZVA radio but I was doubtful so i thought I would try.

I first flashed the ROM, checked, and was on ZV8 still like I expected. I booted back into recovery, flashed the ZVA radio, expecting a boot loop. The LG logo booted once, then twice, and I thought oh great just what I expected, but next, the LiquidSmooth boot loaded. I checked and I am running baseband version M8974A-AAAANAZM-2.0.20018

You can take the boot from LiquidSmooth and use it for other ROMs, just don't change the kernel from dr87's. I'm on PA Beta6 with same baseband version