Default [Q] Space Requirements for Kernel Build and test

I originally had a 150GB VHDD ready but now I just hit a storage crisis, is 100GB enough?
Also the 150GB VHDD is slightly buggish... Might need to reinstall it.

For building kernels only. is 100GB enough?

Device Name: Nexus 5
ROM: Rastakat(all variants)/ Velocity

Other Device: Nexus S/ Nexus Prime/ Nexus 10/ LG O2X
Device to own: Nexus One/ Nexus 4/ Nexus 7(2012 or 2013)/ HTC One X(or M7 or M8)

Devices I meddled with:
LG Optimus 2X, Google Nexus Prime(my new daily), Google Nexus 5(my girlfriend), Google Nexus 4(Sold), Google Nexus S(for everything else), Samsung Galaxy Note(sold), LG Optimus 4X(sold), HTC Sensation XE Pyramid(sold), Samsung Galaxy Wonder(sold)