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Yeah totally. I would feel confident downloading CM 11 (ROM, Kernel and CWM recovery) on half of that.
Thanks for the swift reply, its just because quite some time ago I heard you need like a few hundred to build a ROM and more if you want to build from several sources.

Thanks again.

Device Name: Nexus 5
ROM: Rastakat(all variants)/ Velocity
Kernel: Trinity

Other Device: Nexus S/ Nexus Prime/ Nexus 7(2012)/ Nexus 10/ LG O2X

Devices I meddled with(rough chronological order):
LG Optimus 2X, Google Nexus Prime(my new daily), Google Nexus 5(my girlfriend), Google Nexus 4(Sold), Google Nexus S(for everything else), Samsung Galaxy Note(sold), LG Optimus 4X(sold), HTC Sensation XE Pyramid(sold), Samsung Galaxy Wonder(sold)