Default [Q] G Pad for storing and processing RAW photos

I'm thinking of getting a G Pad so that I can copy RAW photos from my camera and do some basic photo viewing and processing. The tablet seems small enough to easily fit in my camera bag.

To do this, I need USB OTG (to copy files from the camera or a full size sd card) and sd card storage (for the storage capacity).

1) If I'm reading correctly, I can use a USB OTG cable with the G Pad to copy files either directly from a camera or from an sd card. This would be true with either stock or GPE.

2) If I'm reading correctly, there's no problem with reading and writing to an sd card with stock, but with GPE I'd have to root and fiddle with file permissions. seems like a usable Android RAW processor that should work on the LG.

Am I missing something?