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In a terminal window (thanks .torrent), I typed: adb devices (then sudo adb devices) and got nothing in return.

I've tried sideloading; the ROM loads according to the terminal window, but I don't see anything happening on the phone (no failures though).

I've tried pushing a ROM to the phone but the terminal window says that it doesn't see the device. That doesn't make sense because I can sideload (apparently).

This question has been answered at least a dozen times, "Help I wiped my internal storage", blah blah blah.

Download the rom you want on your computer. Put it in the same directory as your ADB stuff (mine is C:\android, I don't know what yours is).

Plug phone into computer, make sure you have ADB enabled on your phone, open a command prompt, verify you have ADB working by typing "adb devices"

You should see your device listed.

Boot phone into recovery >advanced >ADB sideload

Follow instructions at top of sideload screen to sideload rom from computer to phone.

In the future a little searching would get you to all this information, rather than starting a new thread...


P.S. ALWAYS verify your MD5 before flashing, and ALWAYS have a backup made to fall back on.

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