Default Nokia X rom :p

and i quote from my post at

and it's booting on HD2 XD
sure, everything not working, including suspending device, but it's a booting port
Working: graphics + boot sound only. not working: everything else (yes, ril, wifi, bt, storage, mediaserver, system even fc too much)
port, because of original rom, uses ION and parts of sense 5.
Thanks for azzam for the broken port, and myself for framework powermanager stuff bypassing to boot and missing stuff aka usr/* (thanks @aazzam16661 for the extra work i had to put )

My work for the hd2:
  • Resurrection Remix 4.4.2 rom (always broken?!? nand errors/ /data errors)
  • Sense 5 first kernel

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How to flash android on HD2 devices with broken "hardware"
This is AMAZING: Sense 5 on HD2!!