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I can try ...k so the ls970 is official cm sources shelnutt2 put together based off the gproj is usable only on the sprint lgog

The geehrc (international lgog) and the geespr (sprint lgog) are based in the mako and put together by xboxfanj... currently x has combined the two sources (geehrc and geespr) into one source (gee) for both making the one zip built with gee flashable on both variants...

The whole cwm twrp issues are the differences n each sources and or ROMs way to build the updater script...

And yes some roms play nicer with cm sources than they do aosp sources and vice cersa.. so saying that cm is well obviously cm based sources where as xboxfanj sources are closer to or are aosp

Hope I'm at least somewhat making sense

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LS970 ROMs are built from CM's Nexus 4 4.2.2 hybrid with stock 4.1.2.

GEE/SPR/HRC are built from the Nexus 4 4.4.2 source (more up to date and optimized) with only changes for our hardware such as NFC.

geespr is sprint only, geehrc is international only, and gee combines the two so both devices can run the same build. Gee is the future of mako-based ROMs and eventually, there won't be any geespr or geehrc roms. Those are being phased out.
Hope this helps...its from the Liquid Smooth thread.

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