Default Official 1.6: Build 2485 vs Build 2544

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i made a diff but unfortunately they rebuild all apps and modules so everything seems to different, although the only real difference for me is the difference of default language from tr to en:)
may be if i decode dex to jar to classes to java we can see the differences...
My went ahead and looked at Build 2485 vs Build 2544 as well as unofficial vs Build 2544

My findings are this:
  • Fixed default Turkish to English (leventefarkas already mentioned this)
  • Busybox was more complete on unofficial than Build 2485, so this was fixed in Build 2544 - but it looks like the missing pieces were just link files?
  • A few modules were fixed up. Specifically hci_uart.ko and
  • A configuration script. Specifically sovold.conf
  • A few bins. Specifically wpa_supplicant and vold
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