Default [PORT][5/3/2014][Pixeldroid JB 4.2.2 V3.0] [AOKP & CARBON]

This is my port of @-pixelfreak-'s awesome rom for the HD2. Many thanks to him and please help his friend out by hitting that donate button below I want to thanks to tommypackerwho inpired me!

I am not a developer i make this port for personal use, but i want to share with all Incredible users


what Features
★ aokp open source project / many thanks to romanbb from aokp team and system files from Carbon Team
★ Transparency
★ switch settings background
★ delete cpu rendering
★ load carbon wallpapers
★ PIE Controll
★ Rooted (Busybox, Superuser)
★ Nos_injection_4cylturbo
★ Rom System Control from AOKP
★ Tytung´s HWA / thanks Tytung
★ Monster Sound
★ Screenshot
★ Developer Menu enabled
★ working USB storage
★ newest play store transparence
★ full working GPS
★ full working landscape with navigation
★ newest play store
★ other lock and unlock sounds
★ and more and more....

Full wipe
wipe battery stats too
Flash from recovery
Boot up Rom and restart to recovery
don't change lockscreen background!
Gapps are included
Install FasterGPS, FasterFix, TopNTP or some else app for choose your Gps region and change gps.conf

Thanks to
★ AOKP Team
★ Carbon Team
★ _-Lacoste-_ for the CM 10.1 Base
★ dsixda for Android Kitchen
★ tommypacker
★ Tytung
★ romanbb
★ NYLimited
★ Titanic52
★ Kameirus
★ Exit_Only
★ eng.stk
★ PartimusPrime
★ Bboy
★ Rizal Lovins
★ ra3al
★ zhuhang
★ dla5244

Front and Rear Camera works good, Video Recording working fine in 480p and 720p quality!
Rom is very fast Antutu score:

Download v3.0 HERE

SDCard fix HERE

BUGS : Don't change a lockscreen background it's weird but may couse random reboots
- G-sensor not work
- search button works like on/off button but this can be useful
Again, thank @-pixelfreak- for letting me port his rom!