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Your mileage may vary I have dropped my lady moto g a few times so has she our only issue with the phone is our network and at times the radios itself.

KitKat slo"g" slide
My problem isn't necessarily that the phone broke, although obviously that is a problem, the issue is with Motorola itself, fully understanding how easily the screen cracked, treating the situation though it's expected to break, and then using the price to justify how incredibly fragile the build quality was.

I have no problem posting their e-mails here if anyone want to see them in full to see how frank they are about the lack of quality of the Moto G because it's "budget" I was a little shocked by them, so told them if this really is their attitude the public deserves to know, and they welcomed me to share "my opinion" with people, so I'm sure they'd welcome we posting their responses here if anyone is interested.