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After a weekend where I had time to think and reconsider everything, I decided to re-open a new thread here at XDA for my Samy Deluxe ROM. Hopefully the new thread will be a bit more user-friendly than the previous one.

Q: What is Samy Deluxe S4 ROM?

Samy Deluxe S4 ROM is my tiny personal project for the international version (GT-I9505) of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It has been the very first of its kind and I decided it could still be a very good starting point for Galaxy S4 owners who seek to have a little Galaxy S5 flavour.
It is a Samsung Galaxy S5 style ROM foremost but I will try to revert it back to its original purpose of combining the very best elements of all Samsung TouchWiz devices.

Q: There are so many Galaxy S5 style ROM at the moment. What's the need for Samy Deluxe then?

Samy Deluxe has been the very first of its kind. Go ask that question all the other ROMs out there. If you want, you can continue using the original. If not, you have plenty of valid alternatives.

Q: OK. So what's inside?

Numerous Galaxy S5 features, apps, widgets, styling etc. What is pretty standard at the moment. See pictures at the bottom.

  • Android 4.4.2 I9505XXUGNG2 Base
  • AROMA Installer
  • S5 Dialer and Contacts with the PopUp incoming call, call recording
  • S5 Bootanimation & S5 Shutdown menu
  • S5 System Ui
  • S5 Camera
  • S5 LockScreen
  • S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • S5 Emergency Mode
  • S5 Download Booster
  • Emergency Launcher
  • All Galaxy S5 Libs and permissions
  • S5 Settings
  • Added UPSM Apps Manager
  • S5 Filemanager, S5 Calculator, S5 Translator
  • S5 Sview Cover (might be buggy)
  • S5 Touchwiz Launcher
  • S5 SPlanner
  • S5 SMS
  • S5 S-Gallery, S5 S-Browser, S5 Music Player
  • S5 Geo Lookout, S Baro, S5 Accuweather
  • S5 S-Memo, S5 Note
  • S5 Activity, S5 Remote
  • S5 Photo Retouching
  • S5 Story Album
  • S5 Health
  • S5 Video, S5 Watch-On, S5 Email, S5 Keyboard
  • S5 Group Play, S5 Optical Reader
  • S5 SFinder, S5 Baby Monitor
  • S5 Air Wake Up, S5 Quick Connection
  • S5 Car Mode, S5 SVoice

Q: How do I install this?
  • Download to internal SD card, do not put it on your external SD-card
  • Reboot into recovery. Please use TWRP
  • FullWipe or use option to factory reset
  • Install and reboot
  • Flash other addons after first boot (very important)

Q: What can I do if there are some errors?

Errors are likely to be there. This is still due to its nature a work in progress. However, before posting, read if the issue hasn't already been mentioned.
If you decide it hasn't, report the error and attach a logcat.

Q: Will you support any other Galaxy S4 versions?

Short answer: No. I don’t have your device and thus will never release anything I didn’t have the chance to ruin it myself….

I don't like the S5 softkey layout. Change it!

Please change it yourself.
This is a S5 style ROM and I don’t understand what the problem is to adapt to new changings. If not, there is always the possibility for you to revert to the original softkey layout.
I have no plans for the moment to revert it in this ROM. We have been spending so much time and efforts into making it so close to te S5 as possible that it makes no sense at all to go back now.
Why always create such a fuzz about nothing? We should rather spend our time and energy into adding missing functions.
I am not going to give you instructions on how to do it yourself. Why? Let’s be honest: chances are high there will be problems and I might end up having to do it for you. And even if it worked, it would eventually cause problems.

Q: What's the difference between the blue and black version?

One is black and one is blue.
To be more precise: the background color in the Settings-App is either black (like in original Galaxy S5 settings) or blue.

Q: What about the extra apps addon?

First off: it’s optional and not needed. It contains some apps I decided not to directly implement into the ROM. The content may vary from time to time but, it has apps such as:
  • Google Earth
  • Group Camcorder
  • S5 Toolbox Addon
  • Xposed S5 PowerSavingMode
  • etc

Q: What is the last changelog?

Version P. Pick Your King (20.8.)
  • AROMA installer
  • option to choose between stock s5 TouchWiz launcher and TouchWiz Launcher Stock S5 smaller Icons
  • choose between S4 and S5 SHealth
  • S5 Camera (thanks to Albe95)
  • changed to AEL kernel
  • Readded missing XposedInstaller
  • edited apps: SViewCover, Group Play, a few others I forgot
    • new XXUGNG4 base
    • Updated GoogyMax3 Kernel to 1.1.3
    • Replaced S5 SHealth with Galaxy S4 App
    • Removed themechooser option TouchWiz launcher
    • Replaced Samsung LInk with Galaxy S4 version (less battery consumption)
    • Updated some Galaxy S5 Apps (Accuweather, S5 Mini clock, SNote, ...)
    • Reduced size: removed unnecessary apps, libs, permissions etc
    • added some (mild) battery and connection tweaks
    • added some Galaxy S5 CSC features (need to stand the test of time)
    • special thanks to xda member dany_ for help!

Credits and thank you

This ROM uses a tamirda's UPSM mod which can originally be found in PhoeniX ROM v9 or here. I just adapted it and slightly modified it:

  • XDA community (best, and will always be!)
  • zohawkish
  • shaji_ka_71
  • wanam (GOD of ROM)
  • MohammadAG
  • talexop
  • tamirda
  • friedrich420
  • maxim000999
  • Repulsa
  • neodevkr
  • angelovitello (some new icons & apps)
  • irft
  • sanoc69 (mirror!)
  • rubbem06 (tested all apps!)
  • blackmen6969
  • gdmlaz
  • jserrano0628
  • robinmiclat
  • walid54
  • bigron77
  • zara86
  • perrito3
  • kristova86
  • Albe95


All downloads can be found at my website. Mirrors are welcome, but I cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong.



************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************

Version J Fixed

I will NOT be online because I will watch the world cup opening match tonight!

  • Fixed S5 Player
  • Kidsmode
  • S5 Contacts & Phone
  • S5 S-View Cover
  • S5 Video Player

I personally take no credits for this update, I am just sharing the precious work of one of my readers: Tobi, thank you very much!

Version J "Jello Biafra" (17.4.2014) (NOWIPE Edition)
  • S5 Particle Effect & Water Color (Reboot after first reboot for full functionality)
  • New SecSettings & Reboot Menu (adapted to Samy Deluxe)
  • Sbrowser fixed
  • Write to SD fixed
  • Samsung Link fixed
IMPORTANT: Needs a previous version of Samy Deluxe I installed. Don't Wipe, just flash!

Version I *“I Don’t Want To Grow Up” (17.4.2014) (Uploading!!!!)
  • Took out the trash, bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes!!!
  • New SecSettings (thanks to yener90)
  • New SystemUI
  • Fixed Sbrowser
  • Fixed SViewCover
  • Added/New: Galaxy S5 Gallery, MusicPlayer (with bugs!), Optical Reader, KidsMode (untested)

This is a maintenance release that is supposed to add stability to the ROM and eliminate as many bugs as possible. It wouldn’t be possible without XDA, be it by sharing apps, libs and fixes or by helping me out seeding the torrent. I believe this is the most complete community-based release of Samy Deluxe up to now– a true community ROM: You deserve the props! Feel free to comment on this if you contributed in a way or another so I can add you to the thanks & credits list!

Version H *“Hey, the KKK to my baby away” (internal joke!) (9.4.2014)

Version G ”Good Clean Fun (6.4.2014)
  • New Base (XXUFNC5)
  • massive cleanup: completely redone & rewritten
  • Added new S5 Apps ( SHealth, Snote, SPlanner, S-Baro etc)
  • LTE option can be selected
  • S5 Launcher & Themes
  • S5 Lockscreen Effect (flash after first boot as addon)
  • ISSUE: SBrowser sometimes crashes with activated smart functions (smart stay, smart scroll etc)

Version F From Ashes Rise" (1.4.2014)
  • New S5 sytle system, settings & framework
  • added new S5 Apps (Svoice etc)
  • S5 Wallpapers
  • new Kernel: Adam 2.2
  • removed viPERAudio
  • removed apps not needed
  • edited battery icon (now with or without numbers)
Version E “Evil Empire” (16.3.2014)
  • New Base VJUFNB2 (stability, but missing keyboard languages need to be downloaded)
  • Rework of all edited & added apps
  • New Galaxy S5 style reboot option
  • Galaxy S5 UI
  • Galaxy S5 style Accuweather widget
  • ViPER4Android FX integration (needs to be enabled in audio settings)
  • FULL WIPE is RECQUIRED to avoid errors!
  • Adam Kernel 2.1 (more stable than previously used kernel)

Version D (12.3.2014) (uploading…)
  • Added new S5 Apps ( Gear Fit Manager, Group Play, MyBoard, New Calculator, S-Translator, SVoice etc)
  • Settings updated (eliminated second settings icon)
  • FULL WIPE is RECQUIRED to avoid errors!
  • Talexop Kernel 2.4 (shown as 2.0)

Version C (10.3.2014)
  • Back to XXUFNB8
  • Full Language Support (including German!)
  • Galaxy S5 Status Bar
  • Fixed Multiview
  • some minor tweaks
Version B (8.3.2014)
  • themed more system apps
  • changed Settings UI
  • some performance tweaks
  • some other minor fixes


No more donations please.

marco giera
sakir ar.
steven d.
martin h.
walter k.
david h


Samy Deluxe would not be possible without the work of some excellent developers here and elsewhere, my contribution is very modest but can hopefully be extended with the beginning of this release.
There are so many parts I picked up, slightly modified and expanded that I am not sure if every developer can be fully credited. If I happened to forget one, please forgive, I will include the appropriate credits as soon as possible.

Version L & M use a modified SecSettings which can originally be found in PhoeniX ROM v9 and the Ultra Power Saving Mode found here. I just adapted it and slightly modified it.
Please visit the original thread and support the ROM: Phoenix ROM

XDA community (best, and will always be!)
wanam (GOD of ROM)
tamirda (since Version L using parts of his UPSM)
angelovitello (some new icons & apps)
sanoc69 (mirror!)
rubbem06 (tested all apps!)

ViPER4Android FX Info[/FONT]
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