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Rooted -- Calkulin's Stock "Battery Saver" ROM -- Xposed Framework -- a few mods from XBlast Tools running.

First off, a Root Explorer search for com.android.systemui returned nothing.

What is com.android.systemui? I don't think I saw this in my usage until a couple of days ago.
Why does 31 seconds of CPU and 1 second of keep awake = almost TRIPLE the battery use of 12 minutes of screen-on time?????
It's the actual System User Interface. So most likely a combination of the rom and xposed are causing this. Also, dirty flashes of ROMs can cause this.

If you installed a new xposed module and noticed a battery drain the uninstall that module. Otherwise remove other xposed modules. You could always try a frew full wipe in recovery as well.

I have had this issue with mostly with dirty flashing which is my queue to do a clean flash. It's also possible if you restored any apps with data, like from Titanium Backup, could potentially cause this as well.