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Awesome. My concern here is that I would be disqualified from the jump program... I'd like to get the Note 4 as soon as it comes out.. Is there currently any way to root and flash a room without tripping Knox? Or can we only root without tripping Knox?
On the old 4.3 firmware yes you can root with Root De La Vega and not trip the Knox counter but once you put ANY custom recovery it will trip the counter. Now on the OTA 4.4.2 that was released on Wednesday, the only 2 current ways to root (TWRP or Philz CWM) will trip the Knox counter no matter what. So until something comes out like an updated ROOT De La Vega, there's no way to even root without tripping the Knox counter.

Also from what i read, RDLV isn't being developed anymore so unless they decide to do something with it for the all the 4.4.2 releases hitting phones these days there may not be anything for a bit to root without tripping knox.
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