Default Has sony abandoned xperia l?

Hii, sorry i searched for a thread like this but didn't found one, so if there is a thread already existing like this i apologize for that_
I wanted to ask that has sony abandoned xperia l? so many days but still no news for an android 4.3 update, let alone 4.4_
No stable aosp roms like cyanogen or aokp.. Will it stay like this or what? Does somebody have any news?
My previous phone was samsung galaxy y, which is a low end phone but it has a hell lot of roms and even when the device is discontinued the roms are still developing_i think xperia l has potential.. Can't it support roms like cyanogen (official stable version) ? Hell even xperia m got one, which has only 4gb of internal_
If somebody have any kind of news please reply.. m sick and tired of checking the updates daily_

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