Sprint LS980 G2 phone does not have wifi hotspot out of the box.
its somehow enabled when the phone is activated in Sprint network.
Now i know this because in India i have a G2 by Sprint. its a not activated ever
on any network.
To enable the MOD jus extract the folder from the OP and use root explorer
to replace the stock carrier folder with the extracted one.
Your Wi-Fi Hotspot should be under Settings/More.
This mod also enables Bluetooth and USB tethering.
Very Important:
You have to replace the folder and not just its content, just replace the folder by copying from the download and pasting on top of the stock, when prompted to overwrite the folder, select yes.

RoM Toollite Box root explorer does not work, for some reason it makes a copy of the carrier folder in root instead of replacing it. use only Root Explorer