Prompt Disabling secure boot

firstly i request all moderators of xda in grand 2 forum,
as i am unable to post on developement section,
i am posting the thread here..
plz move it to developement section.

ok now back to topic,

try at your own risk!
i will not be responsible if anything happens to your phone

To all the users who have succesfully rooted grand 2,

there can be a way to install (flash) recovery on your phone!

i was exploring the system and i found a file in "/system" folder
called "recovery-from-boot.p"

i THINK this is the file that causes problem!

you may delete it or rename it...(renaming is safer)
once you delete it, you may flash custom recovery via ODIN
and even if the recovery gets currupted or if you cant boot into recovery, you can simply boot normally and restore the renamed or deleted file!!!

and then once again you may try to flash custom recovery from ODIN (as stock gets deleted as soon as you modify recovery-from-boot.p file)

press thanks if this post helped!