Okay guys, I've created this FAQ as I done the same to help those with the M7 and thought I'd do the same over here aswell.
Only post in this thread if you have an addition/improvement for this FAQ!

If you don't have an addition/improvement for this FAQ, then DON'T POST IN HERE! If you do, your post will be deleted on sight.

If you have a question, either ask in the Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting forum by creating your own thread OR ask in the Help Thread which is also stickied in this section. Only ask your question after you've already searched for the answer yourself though.
If any questions or irrelevant posts get made in this thread, just ignore them. I will clean them up when I see them. Replying to such posts won't help the situation in the slightest.

This IS NOT a help thread. This is simply an FAQ so NO questions should be being asked or answered in here.

- KidCarter93
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