Default [ROM][4.4.4](Unofficial) AOSB Project - The End of The Line ! version 1.3.6

Unofficial Build of AOSB Project for Sony's Xperia Z (C6603)
the following is copied from official AOSB Project build thread, just to mek sure u get all the info!
U will find further information, download links and changelog in post 2

Introduction About AOSB Project KitKat Edition

AOSB Project based on CyanogenMod the best stable source

AOSB is the new face of ProBAM ROM , We have been blown up ProBAM

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The Team

codexc AOSB chief and original founder

Team Members

What the features included?:

AOSB Project Features:
  1. New Port of MultiWindow and Exclusive Customization and Fixes and Improvement
  2. 949706abd7c50fbd702a50a8022aec7dd5a740db
  3. 6334e802e9108fb6faeee1ce879b0d56fb76cb14
  4. 8dadba3d5a8d0a47fed8a6a39490fdf2896ee0c0
  5. 3b46e7bf203a59b53364032b1172870952dabb36
  6. OTA Support
  7. AOSB Exclusive Feature: Custom SmoothProgressBar
  8. AOKP Navigation bar menu in settings for all devices now
  9. AOKP Animation Control
  10. ListView Animation
  11. Keyboard Animation
  12. Scrolling Animation
  13. AOKP Custom Navigation Ring
  14. AOKP Custom Navigation Bar
  15. ChameleonOS Gesture Anywhere
  16. ChameleonOS Screen Recording
  17. ChameleonOS Screen Recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
  18. TeloRadio (Connection Manager)
  19. Omni Audio Themes Settings
  20. OmniSwitch App
  21. Omni allow disabling call end sound
  22. Omni Audio : Stereo widening
  23. Omni Audio : Center frequency for Bass Boost
  24. AOSPAL LockScreen Notifications
  25. AOSPAL Lockscreen Blur
  26. Slim CRT animation: add scale down
  27. Slim IME options
  28. Slim DarkUI (system wide in black)
  29. Add Music Tile
  30. Flip to Mute/Reject Call
  31. Advanced BatteryBar
  32. Chainfire SU App
  33. User selectable camera click sound (disable camera sound)
  34. Quicktile row option:set 3,4,5 tiles per row
  35. LTE toggle support and Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  36. Add Wifi name to notification drawer and option to enable/disable
  37. Frameworks: notification drawer background
  38. wide support for chinese language
  39. wide support for dutch language
  40. MediaScanner behavior on boot
  41. HALO
  43. HALO: make windows move able and scale able
  44. Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
  45. Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  46. Advanced Battery Bar
  47. FB sync abbility to connect facebook contacts into contacts app
  48. App sidebar
  49. IME switcher notification
  50. Navigation bar with custom dimensions
  51. Screen video recording
  52. Configurable init.d
  53. Build PropModder
  54. Incoming calls dialog
  55. RAM bar with custom colors
  56. Builtin Xposed Framework
  57. Xposed : Per-App Layout
  58. Network usage stats
  59. ChameleonOS Active display (s-view alternative)
  60. AD: Display Time out
  61. AD: Turn Off Display
  62. AD: Threshold to proximity
  63. AD: Sort notifications by newest to oldest
  64. AD: HUGE Fixes
  65. mms: iOS features
  66. mms: Emoji and Smiley support
  67. samsung kernel super charged
  68. advanced low battery indicator options
  69. Custom Carrier Label

What is Android Open Source Blitz Project?
it is a custom ROM developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by CyanogenMod,
AOSB (ProBAM) ROM have been the pinnacle of perfection employing the best of all the Best ROMs in a Package which makes sense!.. While the latest one doesn’t incorporate a slew of features.

Whats new in CyanogenMod 11

On 6 November 2013 the CyanogenMod team started pushing the code of CyanogenMod 11, based on Android 4.4 KitKat .

Whats new in Android 4.4.x

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Installation instructions so If installing for the first time:

To install this ROM you will need to have an unlocked boot loader and a custom Recovery such as TWRP or ClockWorkMod installed
  1. Copy the downloaded AOSB to your phone.
  2. update recovery, is required for install android kitkat
  3. Boot into your recovery
  4. Back up your ROM
  5. Enter recovery
  6. Make full wipe "included "system"
  7. Select Recommended kernel for first install
  8. Install the ROM
  9. install GAPPS package - download it from here
  10. Reboot - the first boot can take up to 2 minutes
  11. Recommended to Reboot again after ROM is up for the first time
  12. 2 second to up ! and 1 second to restart or shutdown ! it is AOSB

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About the developer

Thanks and Credits for :

CyanogenMod Team!!!
All Open Source Projects !
PHONE: Sony Xperia Z
ROM: Unofficial AOSB Project

TABLET: Sony XPERIA Tablet Z WiFi 32GB
ROM: Unofficial AOSB Project