Default [Q] Vibration along with Expanded Notifications

Hey Guys,

I just recently got my Nexus 4, and began to do some work on it. I unlocked the bootloader, flashed PhilZ Touch recovery, rooted, and got Xposed framework, all on stock ROM and Kernel. I began to restore all my apps, data, files, etc.. and just finished. But I noticed something that I cant remember if it happened right out of the box: when I proceed to expand my notifications, my device vibrates a short but noticeable vibrate. I have full control over vibration, sound, etc.. elsewhere, except in the notification shade with these expanding notifications. I have gone through ROM settings, Kernel Settings, Gravity Box, etc and cant see if this is something I did or if this is how its always been, and if so, how to disable it. Thanks in advance guys.
LG Optimus 2X P990
LG Nexus 4

LG Optimus 2X:
ROM: Tonyp TheROM Build 26 New Bootloader
Kernel: Kowalski Kernel M1 New Bootloader W/ RAM Hack
Bootloader:ICS Bootloader
Recovery: TWRP For New BL
Baseband: 1035.21

Nexus 4:
ROM: Stock 4.4.4 W/ Root (Xposed, GPU Drivers, Dalvik/Bionic Patches)
Kernel: Matr1x 14.0 W/ GPU OC
Bootloader: Stock Bootloader (Unlocked)
Recvoery: PhilZ Touch CWM-Based Recovery
Radio:Radio (1.03)