Post Lock Screen not functioning on GS3 International

So the lock screen doesn't function at all. I have played with all possible settings and a variety of Roms. The lock screen only works on AOSP/CM based roms but the Roms are not stable for me. I did have an issue with being stuck in factory mode which i managed to get out of thanks to a tutorial on here. As some may now, on factory mode, the lock screen and power options do not work. I have exited factory mode and having reverted the S3 to complete stock, everything works except for the lockscreen!

With the security settings enabled, switching on the device merely turns the screen on. There is no process of having to slide, swipe, input pin etc at all. Its simply a screen on and off state. I would very much so any appreciate help. I have searched high and low on XDA and google searches and its starting to become irritating as my device is very insecure. Third party lockscreens are not of much help as as a stock lock screen built into Touchwiz.

Many thahnks!