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How can i flash the correct IMEI back to my note 3?

I have a Note 3 (SM-N900W8), the canadian version. it has MJ4, rooted and buysbox installed.

I have tried and used the Qualcomm Tool but that didn't help. I still have a 000 IMEI.

Please help!
First, did you make a Nandroid backup of your previous EFS and Modem partitions? If yes, simply restore from the same recovery you were using at the time. This often solves the problem.

However, if you do NOT have a Nandroid, then you are in for a potentially difficult solution. Worst case, your phone is permanently bricked.

I lost my IMEI on a device a couple of years ago (I think it was the HTC ONE), and was successful in getting it back, but only after a very complicated procedure. Would the same procedure work again today, on a different device? I don't know.

One thing to remember ... it is impossible to simply flash a file to recover your IMEI, as this is technically illegal, and every phone has a unique IMEI number.

If I were you, I would search on xda for IMEI recovery. I know there are many threads, but I don't know if there's anything specific to the Note 3.

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Here are two links that MAY be of help:
MODEL: ....OnePlus One (Global)
VERSION: ..A0001 (64GB Sandstone)
RECOVERY: .TWRP v2.7.1.0
ANDROID: ..4.4.4
ROM/BUILD: CM11-20140821-NIGHTLY-bacon
KERNEL: ...3.4.0-g41804e5

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