Default [S-off] Firewater s-off for HTC One XL

Firewater S-off for HTC One XL!

Firstly let me say that this isn't my own work, all credit goes to @beaups and @Fuses for bringing this to our device.

Firewater is a new method for achieving s-off on HTC devices.

For everyone that has taken the 5.18 at&t update before unlocking you should be able to use Firewater. It has a temp root feature which will enable you to get s-off on your device, once you have s-off you can get SuperCID via a simple fastboot command (fastboot oem writecid 11111111), then you can unlock your bootloader at htcdev. I'd really appreciate any feedback on whether this works for you.

This is just a simple thread to get this method some exposure for users with our device. As per the licensing section on the site and beaup's wishes I cannot include the download or instructions in this thread. However, we can have this thread serve as a troubleshooting/help location for the One XL. Alternatively, support for rumrunner s-off is available at #rumrunners on the freenode and andirc networks. Please make sure you meet all of the requirements before contacting support.

Firewater S-off.

Please go give beaups and Fuses a bunch of thanks for their work!

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