Default Htc Power To Give.

So I was browsing on Facebook and I like the htc fan pages I see this app htc makes called htc power to give and decided to check it out.

Basically the app takes your phone and uses it to download bits of information compute it and the sends it back. It acts like a super computer and I thought it was a great way for us htc owners to give back and make a change in the world or contribute to it while we charge our phones and don't use then when we sleep.

Here is the short YouTube video that explains the concept behind the app. It's about a minute and a half long.

And here is the app on Google play if you feel like joining the cause.

Just thought I would bring this to attention to those who want to help and make a difference with their htc device.

For those who can't download it on their device I have gone ahead and uploaded it to Dropbox.


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