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Hi I would like to ask for your help on working with my Xperial L. It is free phone from my network plan so when I checked the unlock bootloader is set to NO. that is my problem at the moment. Is it still possible to root, and port a kernel/custom rom even if the bootloader cannot be unlocked? I hope you could give me the proper steps so I can arrive at the same set up as yours.

Here are the details of my unit at the moment:

Model - Xperial L C2105
Android version - 4.1.2
Build number - 15.0.A.2.17

Bootloader unlock: not allowed

I haven't started anything yet as I'm unsure which to steps to follow, hope if there's someone who had the same details can help me to root and port a kernel/rom.

Many Thanks in Advance!

Yes you can root & also install ROM too without unlocking (Which is risky). Kernel needs UBL so you can never have kernel for your device(AFAIK). Try to get it unlocked from your vendor or ask him for a replacement for your phone and get a Unlock able phone.

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