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I have just bought a new S4. I have had one before and I like to root my phones. I was hoping that this one would come with 4.2.2 so I could keep it on the old bootloader for a while and be knox-free.

It came with 4.3 preinstalled, so I already have the new bootloader, but I am still on 0x0.

Are there any reasons not to update to 4.4.2 now? Is it possible to root and keep 0x0 on either 4.3 or 4.4.2, or do I have to trip knox to root now? I know that I can't install any custom roms yet without tripping the flag (I think).
rooting on stock 4.4.2 kitkat rom will trip knox warranty void to 0x1 and there won't be any turning back.. however, on 4.3 jb stock rom there is the possibility to root the phone without tripping knox warranty void;

so If I was you, I WOULDN'T UPGRADE TO KITKAT! And believe me, I would have rooted it if I was still on jb! But for me there is no other way but tripping knox for root.. I only have to hope and wait to see if someone can figure how to root 4.4.2 kitkat galaxy s4 without tripping knox..

And the reasons to not update to 4.4.2 are unlimited! The very first reason is the fact that non-system apps can't write on the external_sdcard anymore.. this due to limitations on sdcard by Google; and the only way to fix this is to modify a system file, the "platform.xml" in the system/permissions folder.. and you know, to be able to modify that file you have to be rooted. But rooting your phone will trip the knox flag....................
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