Default [Q] Rookie mistakes with backup and busybox?

I have a rooted, nonDE, vzw Moto X on 4.2.2 with the hotspot entitlement hack enabled. I would like to install the Xposed framework and have been reading up on it. Everything that I have read states the I should make a backup first. I installed online nandroid backup. Upon opening, the app stated that it required busybox to be installed. After failing several times to install BB, I learned that I have to change the /system dir from r/o to r/w. I rebooted into recovery, checked for r/w and attempted to install BB. This time it progressed a little further but still failed. I am clueless at this point. Also, every time I reboot, r/w is enabled. I've since installed es file explorer to switch back to r/o.
Whee did I screw up and how do I fix it?