Unhappy wifi bootloop issue

whenever i turn my wifi on the phone screen goes black and it enters a bootloop :/ and to get out of it i have to factory reset the device
i am currently rooted and running slimkat4.4.2 custom rom

ive tried other roms but same issue

here's a logcat of the issue http://pastebin.com/T5vMQ2a9
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Phone Details
[Device] : Xperia U
[Model] : ST25i Kumquat
[Status] : Rooted / Bootloader Unlocked
[Android Version] : 4.4.4
[ROM] : [4.4.4] [UNOFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4 [RC2]
[Kernel] : [3.0.101] BraveKernel for KitKat