Default [Q] Verizon Nexus constantly reboots

I was given this Nexus to attempt to fix because it constantly reboots almost as soon as the lockscreen appears. I have tried a factory reset through the recovery and flashing a stock image using the Android Toolkit but the phone still just auto reboots shortly after starting. I am assuming it is having hardware failure somehow? I had no way to check the build number since I cannot access it fast enough and the device did not have USB debugging enabled so I just flashed each stock image I saw for the Verizon Toro with bootloader PRIMELC03 and so far I have not had any luck. The gallery force closes as soon as the system boots but then it will restart right after.

e: At the moment I am going to accept this as some type of hardware failure due to if I do not attempt to interact with the phone it will stay on the phone setup screen but as soon as I touch the screen it'll re-notify me of the Camera and/or Gallery crashing then restart.

ee: The phone has not rebooted for going on 30 minutes since removing the camera and software I'm going to assume that was the cause of the rebooting.