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Hi, I have this rom working without problems for a few weeks now on my XE. But since 2 days I'm experiencing problems with the gallery app. I can open it, but when selecting a map, the app crashes. Sometimes it just says 'gallery stopped working', sometimes it says something like 'google play services stopped'. When I try to check out a just shot photo (from within the camera app), the app immediately crashes...

Can't find anything about it, somebody got a clue?
clear cache of the gallery app
delete thumbnails from DCIM folder

otherwise wipe dalvik + cache from recovery
best wishes

DEVICE: HTC Sensation Z710e
PREVIOUS ROM:Rooted Stock Rom ICS Sence 3.6 Revelation 1.0.3 JB Sense 4+ ViperS 3.1.4 JB Sense 4+
CURRENT ROM:ViperS 5.2.1 JB Sense 5 | Sense 6 Blinkfeed
PREVIOUS KERNEL:Overclocked kernel v1.5.2 by SebastianFM
CURRENT KERNEL:kernel 3.4.10 by SebastianFM
RECOVERY:4EXT recovery touch v. RC3 testing build: 8