Default [BUG] Serious internal speaker bug in 101

I had spanish generic 569, and since they didn't update yet to 10.4.1.B.101 I decided to switch to a CE one that I found here:

The issues are:
-When I call someone I can not hear anything unless I activate the loudspeaker. This is not always happening and seems to be temporally fixed after a reboot.
-If anyone calls me, the loudspeaker is activated automatically when I pick the call (some says this is due to Google Chrome update)
-The proximity sensor that turns off the screen while talking is misbehaving

Of course I have tried again wiping everything in the flashtool, but didn't help.

Solution? I went back to the safe spanish generic 10.4.B.0.569 which they didn't updated yet to 101, maybe because they found this serious bug? I find it weird that they didn't adopted it yet

The bug has also been posted in other forums

Anyone else here can reproduce or solve it?