Default [APP] Sketch App from Xperia Z2

Hi, I want to share to you latest Sketch App from Xperia Z2
Install as normal apk on Xperia Z.

Sketch (SomcSketch) 1.0.A.4.5


My devices:

Xperia Z (stock 4.4.4 - locked BL, non-rooted)
next phone: Apple iPhone 6 (sorry guys )
secondary: Xperia S (CarbonROM Android 4.4.4 - with cross-brand features)
my work:

Android L - Xperia™ Theme
Android KitKat - Xperia™ Theme
Android Jelly Bean - Xperia™ Theme
OnePlus One - Xperia™ Theme
HTC One M8 - Xperia™ Theme
LG G3 - Xperia™ Theme
stock Xperia™ Z themes
Moto X (2nd Gen.) - Xperia™ Theme