Latest UVUENC2 Modem: Modem Only
Feel free to repackage to your liking if you decide to add it to the OP and whatnot, Doc.
I don't pay much attention to vendor stuff, but the discussion here urged me to go ahead and pick apart the firmware (just in case the modem itself had been updated to address issues in the mentioned blog post).
I've also made a firmware package (based on @mnasledov 's MD5 zip).[flash back to older firmware at your discretion]
UVUENC2 firmware
(If you're not on 4.3 firmware yet, save yourself. If you're already on Knox fw go for it)


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What are these firmware files?
  • rpm.mbn - Resources and Power Manager
  • sbl2.mbn - Part of Secondary Bootloader
  • sbl3.mbn - Part of Secondary Bootloader
  • aboot.mbn - AP Bootloader
  • tz.mbn - Trust Zone
  • NON-HLOS.bin - Modem / Radio

(1) Put this .zip file on the root of your sdcard.
(2) Reboot to recovery
(3) Choose .zip file from sdcard and select this file and flash it.
(4) Reboot and you're done. I didn't find any wiping of any kind necessary.