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UltimaAOSP v1.1.1 Valhalla
  • Fixed and other related problems – this fixes the Google Search and GMail, etc, issues showing web pages.
  • Fixed the Battery Text colour on the Battery icon resetting to white after a reboot.
Full Changelog can be found here:

  • Theme chooser in Email, Contacts, Dialer and Calendar (this is a big job. Will take me some time)
  • Battery bar
  • Quick Settings toggles + left or right drag down options (this is a big job. Will take me some time)
  • Custom Carrier label
  • Fix FC in Phone when choosing CDMA
  • Disable Camera sound option
  • Toggle "smart radio" mode, use 2G when screen is off

  • FC when selecting "preferred network mode" - Some items on the list cause a force close. Phone, signal and other functionality is fine