Default [Q&H]Vibration not working

In my signature, you can see my config. The vibration doesn't work since this morning. In the Venom Tweaks i've enabled quiet hours since 21:30 (9:30pm) to 6:30 (6:30am) and all works. But this morning the vibration doesn't work. If i reboot in bootloader and recovery the vibration doesn't work the same. I tried to reflash with and without full wipe, the same problem: vibration not work.
How i can solve this problem ?
Device: HTC One
ROM: ViperOne 6.2.1 + MULTICAM Black theme
Recovery: TWRP

Device: HTC Sensation
ROM: ViperS 5.2.0
Recovery: 4eXt

Device: HTC Desire HD
ROM: Z63 1.0.0
Recovery: 4eXt Touch RC9