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Hello guys, It may be noobish question but i want some help here. I'm using HTC one , just bought few days ago. but im having some issues with the screen. at some point screen isn't working. means when i touch there sometimes it work but most of the times that area don't sense touch there. but colours and everything is working great. i noticed it when i play fruit ninja. that part of screen dont work. All i wanna know is that this can be possible that screen dnt use touch but show colours and evberything perfectly fine or its bcs of my screen protector i'm using. Thanks
Yes its possible.

open your phone app and dial *#*#3424#*#*

this will open the HTC Function test program.

Hit ''ACCEPT''

Select ''Line Drawing Test''

Hit ''Run''

Then try to draw a line where you think your screen is defective. If you can't draw lines then your phone must be sent for repair.
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