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Hi everyone. Long time lurker here. Great help and info is always found on the forums. Im a bit inconsistent in the android department, have done a few flashes on android phones from friends here and there, but its been a while since Im stuck like right now.

Anyways, i have an HTC One S (idk how to identify if its Ville_U or VilleC2) on stock(?) v.4.0.3 from Rogers, yesterday i spent all day trying to;
-Unlock bootloader (htcdev method)


My second problem is : after this problem, today i got desperate and started doing some stuff, updated hboot from 2.15, tried out a "Bulletproof v2.1" kernel, i dont remember what else. Anyways, now internal sdcard says its 48mb.
How can i fix this? im on twrp recovery right now. I cant flash my nandroid back bcuz nandroid >> 48mb

Thanks to anyone who has the time to help me out. I posted this on the cyanogenmod boards, but havent got a reply back.

First we need to know Ville or ville c2 !!! Can you post a link to the hboot update u used?

No matter if ville or ville c2 --> download this toolkit pls -->

i suppose you have installed htc usb drivers?! If not -->

Boot your One S into bootloader mode (Pressing "Vol down + power") ad connect it to your pc. Open the toolkit from the upper link and perform:

-> Fastboot commands --> "Get MID"

it will show you the model id. PJ401xxxx = ville ///// PJ402xxxx = ville c2