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I'm currently stock, rooted, S-OFF, and TWRP recovery. I'm flashed to 3.06.651.6 firmware.
I still get the OTA notifications, and my goal is to install the latest OTA update (without RUU) so that I can preserve data. I've created a TWRP backup, but that's the extent of it.

Any help is appreciated.

Other background - I reverted back to 3.06.651.6 after flashing firmware 4.06.xxx because I could not boot normally after that or did not know how.
My bootloader says Tampered, relocked
I have never done an OTA or Ran an RUU personally.
To the best of my knowledge you will have to flash the stock recovery and a stock rom to be able to take the OTA.
Sidenote: You say you are re-locked...when you unlock again it's going to wipe your device.
Backup everything important to your PC then run the RUU stuff is gonna get wiped either way might as well use the RUU as it's a cleaner method.
You'll have to flash the 4.06 firmware I pointed you to from the other thread to get the required hboot.

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