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Basically I've had nothing but hassle from the G300 in general. I've had the stock ICS rom on it for ages and at one point it slowed to a crawl, so I tried a new ROM and eventually it had the same problems. Now no matter what I do, the phone is pretty much unusable. It'll lock up completely for minutes at a time. I've tried several different ROMs including going back to the stock/original bootloader.

Nothing works. That said, I haven't wiped the user data and THEN returned to a stock rom but I don't know if that'll work at this stage.

So I'm looking for something like the G300, cheap, and works. I don't really need anything fancy but i'd like it to be of comparable capability to the G300 which is now a 2 year old phone. Huawei aren't stocked everywhere here so something a bit more mainstream might work better for me.