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So I've been running Graviton 2.0 on my Nexus 5 for a few months and recently I've tried upgrading to 2.6. Problem is, when I install the updated rom, I get the "Unfortunately, com.android.provision has stopped" error message loop times infinity. I tried installing 2.6 by booting into recovery mode and installing the zip using CWM. I then wiped the cache and the Dalvik. I've also tried doing a factory reset prior to the previously mentioned steps and that hasn't worked either. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
If it we`re me, i would flash the factory image in fastboot, reroot and start over. Or do you have a working stored recovery to flash back to?
USE Search: /this thread /all threads/Google before posting your question, you`re most likely not the first one having this issue