Default Xposed 2.5 final

This is Xposed version 2.5 (final). The main new features and fixes in this version are:
  • Rewritten framework installation/uninstallation
    • Uses interactive su (via libsuperuser) to provide improved compatibility with different Superuser apps
    • Better feedback when root access fails (doesn't freeze the app anymore)
    • Offers installation via custom recovery (CWM/TWRP), either flashing the file automatically or manually
  • Safemode to disable Xposed with hardware keys to get out of (most) bootloops
  • Compatibility with Sony/LG ROMs (4.3 and 4.4), Meizu ROMs (4.4)
  • Debug setting to disable resource hooking as a temporary workaround for incompatibilities with some theming engines (not all modules can be used in this mode)
There are also other improvements and fixes, especially many translations updates.
In case you get a message "Segmentation fault" during installation, you can now download an additional app which provides statically compiled versions of BusyBox (a lot bigger, but should work with every ROM). It's not needed otherwise.

Quick explanation of the safemode: It was developed by @Tungstwenty and makes it possible to disable Xposed by repeatedly pressing one of the hardware buttons during early startup. The phone will vibrate twice when the first key press has been detected. Then you have five seconds to press the same button four more times. Each key press will be confirmed with a short vibration; the final one with a long vibration. It creates /data/data/, which prevents most of Xposed's actions (e.g. no hooks are made and no modules are loaded). There's no 100% guarantee that this will get you out of a bootloop, but in most cases it should.

As always, you can download it via the in-app updater or from
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