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Captain's thread suggests upgrading to 4.13.651.4 via RUU. I am currently s-off running the early release, 4.13.651.1

Before I make that jump I want to make sure I have the procedure right... I touch this stuff so rarely now that I hardly trust myself.

Here is my plan
  1. relock bootloader
  2. run RUU and let the phone settle
  3. htc unlock
  4. run a PJ75IMG with the custom twrp recovery
  5. flash odex/deodex version

does that sound about right?
If you're S-OFF you do NOT need to re-lock the bootloader. I never did. You'll probably still have to unlock it after the RUU, but you don't need to relock it first. Make sure you get the right recovery (from Cap's thread). Otherwise you're on the right track.