Hi all, I'm usually pretty good at fixing this type of stuff but yeah lol not this time. I had rooted it with Framaroot App and then integrated SuperSU into system so I was permarooted. Then I installed ODIN Pro and downloaded a recovery+kernel .tar file and flashed it to get recovery, and stupidly I didn't wait long enough but when it flashed and turned off it didn't turn on for 5 seconds and I instinctively pulled out the battery(STUPID) then turned it back on and it showed Samsung Galaxy SII Splash Screen for 2 seconds and buh-bye.. So the recovery did install and I can also access download mode. So I also saw in recovery mode that there was no ROM and I don't have a ROM on my SD-Card. I put one on and it won't get into the external_sd folder. (Says its empty but it doesn't on my PC, all the other folders work in recovery too just not the ONE I need lol!)

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