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Last night i pluged my lg g2 to charge it. After 1 hour when i checked it was only 5% charged and very hot. I restarted it and after that it was charging fine. I had 1 app running and it was DOTS. Can it be becouse of DOTS? Did someone expiriance this problem before? Do i have to worry?
Considering the battery being LiPoly, I'd definitely be worried if it happens again.
What do you mean by very hot? Too hot to touch? What area was hot? The upper side of the phone or the middle/lower part?
If it was the upper part, then that's where the logic circuitry is so not too big of a worry. If it was the middle/lower part, that's where the battery is so I'd start to worry there.

If I were you I'd keep a close eye on my battery temperatures when charging, and how the battery performs.
If you have the slightest doubt about your battery being damaged, bring it in for repairs. LiPoly batteries are dangerous with that kind of thing.
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