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SixthSense Team Members:
@V6-Maniac, @baadnewz, @chubbzlou, @fisha21, @HawksNest, @mwilky, @Sinistertensai, @steal25, @thicklizard, @w00dstock, @Zarboz

Motion Control Gestures do not work yet!

Welcome to Sixth Sense for the Butterfly S

Im lazy and I hate making OP's
  1. Stuff included
  2. Advanced Power Menu
  3. Added extended homescreen menu
  4. 3-in1 app drawer mod (choose from 3x4, 4x5 and 5x6 app drawer)
  5. lyapota's extended horizontal quick setting mod
  6. CRT screen off animation
  7. Native AppOps in Settings menu
  8. Long-press back to kill app
  9. Extended options in Message app
  10. Set max preview lines in Messages to 5
  11. Increased max mms size
  12. Tweaked NFC to work while screen is off
  13. Completely removed HTC Quick Tips
  14. Removed all HTC logging APKs
  15. Re-enabled hardware info in Settings menu
  16. Unlocked Developer Settings by default
  17. Tweaked system wide animations, with extra system animation values (found in developer options)
  18. Plus others...

Thanks to @mdpgc @daorderdillon @alfa7d @tsohk For helping donate to get me a phone
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