OK. I have Android 2.0 working on the phone now.

Build number:
generic-eng AOSP MASTER eng.root.20091209.204201 test-keys

Not working:

- SD card (I assume vold),
- Phone/wireless (I assume radio is dead)
- Touch sensitive home button (back seems to work)

I attached my boot image to this post. Should save you some small amount of effort of merging the init.rcs.

Happy tweaking.

Android 2.0

This is destructive. Proceed at your own risk.


- backup of your /dev/mtd* partitions
- complete understanding/ability to de-brick

1) Build the android source

2) Boot phone in fastboot (SPACE+Power) [Thanks Zacpod]

3) merge the old init.rc and init.lg.rc in to the new ramdisk on init.rc.

4) rebuild the ramdisk

5) rebuild the boot image with the old kernel and new ramdisk

6) Erase userdata and cache via flashboot -w

7) Flash <droidsrc>/out/target/product/generic/userdata.img via flashboot flash userdata userdata.img

8) Boot your boot image from 5 via fastboot boot

9) Voila. You will be booted in to 2.0.
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